Types Of Lessons

Personalized experience

Professional surf instructors

Lessons for all ages and ability levels

Learning simplified

Safest possible lesson

All equipment included (Surfboard/Wetsuit/Leash)

We believe in giving you the best experience possible while surfing, whether it’s your first time in the water or you’re a seasoned pro that wants to hone your skills. At Learn To Surf ™, we want to share our values of safety while surfing and guide you to becoming the best surfer possible.

Our private lessons are the first steps to your surfing journey, and we make sure to solidify the basics with each lesson we provide. After you train with us, you’ll be surfing on your own in no time.

Surfing is a sport that all people can do regardless of your age or ability level. Our instructors love to share their knowledge and get you pumped on the surfing lifestyle

Private groups

Professional surf instructors

The “Anti-Surf Camp”

Learn so you don’t get burned

Corporate/Team building parties

All equipment included (Surfboard/Wetsuit/Leash)

Our approach to the “Group Surf lesson” is unique to Learn To Surf ™.
Why? Because we don’t do one!

“Group” lessons lack when catering to individual needs.
We believe in giving each surfer a unique and personalized experience.

Our “Group Surf lesson” is a private lesson for you, your friends, and family.

We don’t believe in grouping you with random beginner surfers so we take your own personal group, and we staff 2 instructors per 4-5 people based on age, athletic ability, and surf conditions.

Levels Of Lessons

Learn to surf with Kuma surf camp


We are not just going to throw you out in the surf because the warm up stretch calms the nerves and gets the body ready for the movements associated with surfing.

Your first wave

You wont be by yourself on this one as we will be able to get you surfing by stabilizing your board to ensure you stand up.

The Dismount

Knowing how to get off your board while riding a wave.

Sand Drills

Muscle memory is needed to surf and we will build that on sand in order to have you paddling and popping up before we go out to catch waves.


The techniques demonstrated and practiced on the sand will now be applied in the water.


Respect is huge out in the water when learning to surf.

Safety Brief

From teaching you to properly dismount your board to going over (and under) waves all the important safety measures will be clearly communicated to you.

The “Turtle”

The most effective way to go over a big wave on a longboard.

Catching a Wave All By Yourself

The ultimate goal of any first time surfer.

Surfing on the Outside

Most beginner surf lessons start in the white water reform close to shore. An intermediate surfer will be able to surf on the “outside” or main surf break further out to sea.

The Cross Step

Putting a little style into substance because being able to walk up and down the board will make all your friends jealous.

The Bottom Turn

One of the most crucial maneuvers in surfing.

Advanced Paddling

Maximizing paddle efficiency.


Being able to build speed and make sections.

Reading Waves

Being able to pick out set waves and understanding ocean patterns.

Riding set waves

Being able to ride bigger waves on the outside.

Riding in the Barrel

The ultimate feeling being inside a wave and having the ability to get out.

Developing Style

Advanced foot placement on the board goes a long way in being able to manipulate a surfboard to ride with style.

Competition Strategy

Surfers that wish to take their skills to a contest format will learn wave riding strategy.


From the “cheater 5” to doing airs.

Lineup Positioning

The crowds can get heavy on certain days and we want to show you techniques to catch more waves than other people out in the water.