Cinnamon Island

Cinnamon is one of the most essential ingredients in the Sinhalese cuisine. Not as you might think for sweet dishes but to refine the curries. By boat you will reach the island and at the cinnamon factory they will explain and teach you how to make the ‘real’ cinnamon. Additional you can explore the island by yourself, discover the Buddhist- island temple and enjoy a fantastic view.

Tea Plantation

After a 30 minutes tuk-tuk ride into the inland you will reach the tea plantation and factory. Tea was once brought to Sri Lanka by the British and became one of the most important export products of the island. Visit the plantation to find out about Sri Lanka’s 150-year-old tea industry. After the tour through the factory and the land you can buy various flavours of (Ceylon) tea at the shop. Good to know: the former name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon.

Turtle Farm

Turtles sometimes lay more than 200 eggs per nest and about 2-8 times a season. To protect the eggs people from the turtle farm collect and take care of them. After 55-60 days the turtles hatch out of their eggs. two or three days later the small turtles gonna be sent back to the sea. Also hurt Turtles are brought to the farm and got treaten until they are healthy again.

Herbal Garden

If you read and get informed about Sri Lanka sooner or later you will come across the topic Ayurveda. By visiting the herbal garden you will be able to see many di!erent kind of medicines and oils made out of roots, leaves, bark, flowers and fruits which can help you with your healthy lifestyle.

Whale watching

In the early morning the boat starts and the ‘watcher’ lookout for the giants of the ocean, dolphins, flying fish and other aquatics animals. Whale watching is -because of the water depth not too far from the beach- only in the south of Sri Lanka possible

Snake Farm

There are about 290 species of snakes in the world and 96 are found in Sri Lanka. Therefor it is very important for local people to get informed already in young ages. At the farm you can admire snakes with di!erent patterns, from dull to highly ornamented.

River-Sunset Safari

Glide silently over the water in a small fisher boat; watch the monkeys playing at the riverside; short before sunset you can see hundreds of birds coming to sleep in small vivid green palm trees along the waterside;

Safari at Udawalawa or Yala

Elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, peacocks, bu!alos, snakes, deer and birds in prettiest colours. Enjoy your ride in the jeep and get close to this wild and free animals in one of the ‘not-yet- so-crowded’ National Parks of Sri Lanka.

Airport Pickup & Vehicle Rent

Need to be picked up at the airport? Or want to rent a vehicle from us? Any transport service you need can be availed from us at affordable rates.

If you are interested in any of these activities just talk with us after your surf lesson, visit us at our surf school or hotel, give us a call or write us a short message.